Sunday, May 14, 2006

Echez In America - Part II

The Getty Museum, that's where I went to. It was pretty nice, although I didnt really tour the museum. We went around looking at it's architecture and it was amazing I tell ya. Every where you look is a photo spot. You know one of those spots that some places allocate as their best scenery for photo shooting, well the whole place is a big picture. The buildings are designed to fit into the scenery around the building in that every where you turn, you'll find a nice picture spot. It was beautiful and the weather was nice. Cool wind, shiney sun.

After walking around half the day trying to take nice pictures. We got exhausted and decided to drive back, in which we got lost in Korean town, then we drove by the Staples Center and of course I had to check it out. It was good. I wanna check it out again before I leave.

Then we had dinner and then went to a bible study meeting and then to the supermarket and then back here. Home...I guess.

I'm off today at 5am, I need to get my notebook fixed with wireless so that I can do work the whole week. But now, I'm gonna get some sleep. Night. Miss you all... not that I actually saw you that often in the first place.


Echez In America - Part I

Echez is in America! I got off the plane at LAX and there was immigration. It wasnt that bad except that I didnt feel well and the line was so so very long, just like the movies of people a hundred years ago immigrating to America with their worldly belongings held within that one duffel bag.

Anyways I went to the immigration counter and the man was do you say...rude! He practically dropped a 5 pound stapler on the index finger that he needed my to place on the scanner thing.

Anyways he reprimanded me for not completing the form and said that he would send me back if he wanted to coz I didnt fill in the form. Heh, I am chinese I am not stupid. I speak better english than that guy.

Anyways he lets me go and I try to look for my bag, I find my bag upside down on the conveyer belt which had long been stopped. I picked up my bag and the lock was gone. I figured. Besides, whoever wants to steal my pink shirts and bras can do so if they wish, at any point in time, not just from my locked bag.

Anyways I took the bag, and went out to find my uncle. I couldnt find him so I changed 5 bucks of quarters, and tried his cell. It didnt work after I spent more than 3 of those dollars. I walked around and there he was. Whaddaya know.

I get to his house, I settle in and sleep, LA time 1am, Atlanta time 4am? I woke up at 5am LA time. Which was 8am Atlanta time, so I'm pretty much in wit the groove, no time lost.

Gtg going to the Getty Center, whatever that is, tell you bout it later.

echez in America

Friday, May 05, 2006


WooooHoooo!!! I just wanted to announce that I do not know what XD is...Waahahahahahaa...I just thought that was so hilarious...! I think I'm getting dumber!!


I was thinking the other day about something I was discussing with a collegue, he was saying that no one my age would ever be able to catch up with me. He said that getting a degree at 20, working, and possibly an MBA by 23 is hard for some guys to accept.

I thought there's Ta!! And then I thought, omg, you're almost right! And then I thought, getting certs and awards doesnt mean in point the girl that no longer works with us. The chinese bimbo, who's friggin smart, got distinctions in her diploma and degree! And is a shittin dumarse.

And then I thought oh shiite! What if guys do feel inferior, then no one will like me....waaaaaaa....=(....I need become dumber!!!

And then I thought, well it all evens out when you get older, people gain knowledge through other things like reading and experience.

And then I thought, I know for a fact that there are so many people that are s much smarter than me. So what am I afraid of? So I block out practically 70% of the male population, I only need one! No big deal~

And then I think, what if the one meant for me cant accept that? And then I thought well if he cant accept me for the way that I am, then he's probably not the one anyway.

And then I thought, why am I thinking so much, and then I thought about why I was thinking so much and especially thinking about thinking so much.

XD And then I decided to stop XD


Being Positive Has Never Been So Negative

You never thought it would happen to you, you never thought it would happen to anyone you knew, you hear of it often but never...not to you, you're a decent person...not the people you hold close, because they are loved...this could never happen.

It opens your eyes and makes you realise that it's all around us, you and me. It could be me, it could be you, it could be the girl standing next to you.

I was freaked out. I didnt know what to do, I didnt know what to say. I could not have ever imagined. I dont know what to do I dont know what to feel.

As I mock and make fun, I cant but think of how I would be, of how things would be, if my little piece of paper read - POSITIVE...

HIV positive.

All I can do is fear for the people around her, that she could have affected, the people in my life. I dont know where to stand. I cant but imagine how it would be like had she been someone close, I cant but imagine that it still could be.

The first thing I want to know is whether the people in my life are okay. The people that mean the world to me. I want to know that they are okay.

There's nothing I can do for her now, I advise her to let go of everything and live life like you've never lived it before. Nothing means anything anymore, just happiness, personal happiness.

I wish I knew how to handle it, I wish there was something I could do. But I cant.

The maid is HIV Positive.