Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Difference

When we finally let go is when we realise that we were only holding each other down. There was never a chance and it never was to be, from the start. It was always unfair. To you, to me.                          

But we have the chance now. Let the hurt drown out sorrow. Theres a dull in your voice when you speak words you dont believe in anymore.

Perhaps I no longer see a path. Fight or flight. I dont think i have ever been a fighter.

It will never be the same again. When its over, it will be different, but its ok, you'll never notice its gone.

Thursday, December 05, 2013


As they sail thru the pink of sky, it was fate their souls would drift away.

The last of strands to break away, has shut the love they never had.
Perhaps its time to say goodbye. It was never wise to stay.                  
Smiles will never speak the heart again. Words will never touch.

And  I will never search for it again.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Always and Forever

A promise for always and forever. And so did it change the way your heart loves? Did it erase our fears and heartbreak? We rolled on a coat of paint and all the mess is covered. Sometimes it chews thru the tint. We stare at it with awe. Our blemishes will never fade. Our love will never change. It will be, always and forever. All the promises we never made, the hurt we thrust away, they will always be there. Under the color they call art. It's not over, the traces of our scent will linger. One day, we will be together, our hearts promised stronger than our words ever did.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Forever And Again

If ever there were a time to believe, the time would be now. Never has there been a better time.

Sometimes life forces you to determine the truth from those things we thought to have been true.

Some things that could never be, never turn around and be what we wanted them to be.

But how can happiness, how can everything emit from a singular source? It cannot. How can a person's life be fulfilled with a singular point of happiness? It can't.

To live, we must be able to accept that things that make us happy are abundant, and engulfing.

We can have whatever we want. We can do what ever we want to do, we can love each other with the whole of hearts. What we cannot do, is be unfair.

When we know this, we find what people really wanted, how selfish we can be in the depth of love, and in the thought of friendship.

We make into ourselves what we ought not be. We punish ourselves in thinking that we are unable to accept or deal with the circumstances.We mould others to fit into our thoughts, to justify what we cannot accept.We need to appreciate what we have and what we could have, if only we were not so selfish.

There are only a few rules in this life.

Love with the whole of your heart, always and forever.

Find out what exactly it is that you want, and live and dream and breathe it, until you are happy.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Black Dog

The pace, so much depended on it, such conviction, such strength.
Calls resound, through the coldness. wooded world…wanting.
The distance is nearer, the padded steps are heard in their canter.
His chest burns.
Such hinder the path, is there no end.
Quickening, as they close……tired, hollow………….spent.
Their breaths upon me now, the snarls at the shoulder.
What can be done against so much sincerity.
To do against the intent, so wilful, so purposeful……destructive.
He drops his necessities, the warmth, the memories, can it, is it possible to push a last.
They upon him now, the whiteness of calcium rips at the flesh.
No more can he run, his legs failing him to the beasts for their devouring.
He yields