Monday, February 13, 2006


How do you justify spending $620 million on the 2010 Winter Olympic games when there are hundreds of millions of people struggling to survive in the world?

There are lots of people involved in the Olympic games, who have dedicated their lives to it, making a living off it. Holding the Olympics requires the expertise of many people and many services.

Just to mention a few, more obvious careers are the sports people, the judges, the whole sporting industry, advertising industry, media, which brings us to sports brands, clothing lines, models, entertainment, which leads us to mass communication, without which there would have never been tecchnological advancement and enhancement and lots of other industries would not exist had there not been an Olympics.

Had these industries not existed, there would be more people unemployed, not being able to make a living, and more people would suffer.

If you realise that something that looks simple and fun is in actual fact something that is essential to many people's lives. The people who put together the Olympic Games work their arses off to put it together, and the number of people who survive off it is numerous.

The money isn't just stuffed into someone's pocket and selfishly kept away from the hundreds of people who are struggling to survive.

If you look closely, the developement of the whole sporting industry was developed because of the Oympic Games. In the absence of this industry, many companies would sieze to exist.

In other words, just because so much money is spent on entertainment, doesnt mean that it is being spent unwisely because the people in these industries, would suffer, and subsequently, an even larger amount of people in every would be affected.

The Olympic Games is not a game. It is a business, just like everything else. If there were no Olympics, or the budget was cut, what would the people who are involved do? the Olympics was their life.


Too often in our lives we have to say no. Too many times in our lives we want something impossible. We are greedy, and too many of those times in our lives, we have to swallow our sorrow, and just live with it.

Why does life let us choose when there really isnt much of a choice. It's like, do you wanna wear black...or black? Your choice! Be wise! Dont make the wrong choice!

WTF?! Well thank YOU for the wide variety of options!

It's just F'd up! How come we always have to sacrifice one thing for the other, when will we ever be able to have it all?

Yeah, yeah, life is cruel, life is unfair.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Woe...Woe is me...

I'm sick, nobody cares for me, woe....woe is me.

I have been sick for the past week, not sick like I'm about to die sick, but sick as in I'm so not feeling well...

Sick people have the right to feel sory for themselves, so leave me alone to my sulking. Woe...Woe is me...

I had a horrible week. I just felt horrible the whole week, in pulses of course. I tried to be happy, but something is just bogging me down. I cant say what.

Perhaps I'm just over thinking. Perhaps of the past, savoring it, over analysing it.

I watched memoirs of a geisha the second time on friday night. It was an amazing movie, the second time just as the first.

One of the parts was just horrible, scarey, sickening, just overall...I dont know what to say about it. I hated it. The baron, the old man who wanted to give Sayuri a kimono as a gift, he molested her, stripped her naked and committed an attempt of rape!

Sometimes you think that I'm open to discussions about sex and things, and I am, but rape is a very sensitive topic to me, and lets just leave it as that.


Saturday, February 04, 2006


I was talking to a friend the other day and she was telling me about how the guy she's going out with isnt the slightest bit romantic. He's never intimate in public, never gives her a hug when she is in need of one, doesn't realise that an intimate caress, the slightest warm touch says a thousand words, and does wonders to a girl's heart.

As Malaysian's how ah?

Listening to her made me realise how many men fail to understand that girls notice everything.

They notice the time you opened the door and let only let yourself in, they notice when you walked down the stairs alone without her, the time you gulped down your food without letting her decline your offer. The time you let go of her hand when she was scared. When she looked into your eyes, and you looked away to watch the football match. She just needed a second. The time when all her friends were talking about how sweet their guy was and she sat there and smiled, trying to think up something, because her guy is sweet, he does think of her, he is considerate, she wracks her brain and can think of nothing. He does...doesn't he?

Did he realise that she was sad, did he at least realise that she was unhappy, did he realise that he was becoming a self-centered, inconsiderate excuse my language SOaB?

She said that though intamacy means alot to her, and she is withholding her sadness, and disappointment. She continues to silently wish that he would be the prince charming that she can see in his eyes.

There's nothing much I can say about this topic, prehaps he's just not that type of guy. Perhaps he's not who you're looking for. Perhaps you just need to tell him what you want, what you need and what will make you happy.

Perhaps it's not that hard to be a little romantic once in awhile.


Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Girls Before

Relationships revolve around communication, that's an honest fact. But to what degree is communication necessary?

There are types of relationships where both parties know everything about the other person. From how many partners they have been associated with, in which manner and all the juicy, heart twisting, emotionally damaging details.

Question today is, whether this is necessary. Is it necessary to tell your partner about your past. About how you and a girl named Mandy once had a thing, how Jessica is a snobby biatch...Would this strengthen a relationship or break it?

My opinion is that I'd rather know everything about my man, all the dirty little details. I believe that only when I realise all the pain, and am able to fully accept it, is when I can truely be happy with my man.

Sometimes in relationships, both parties know nothing about the other person's past. Those types of relationships work too. Where the past is kept the past, and the present and future are all that counts. This requires lots of courage and trust.

The worst thing about that type of relationship is when the past makes a sudden stop into the present. It is disasterous. When a certain handsome ring materialises, it is obviously from the past. A gift. From a girl. He doesnt prefer that it leaves his finger, not even for a few moments. He displays it proudly, and wears it religiously, cursing when it is misplaced, perhaps it is the ring itself, perhaps it's the treasure, and memory it beholds.

Not knowing the story, not knowing the background, not knowing the past situation. Perhaps it's not a situation from the past, but yet, the present. The relationship does not allow for further prodding. For prodding it is.

Being ignorant of a situation you will not feel the pain, knowing the situation, you can move on, build your defences within. Knowing a little, that is fatal.

The pain slowly churning, eating at you, infesting your every thought. Tell you the truth I'd rather the man in my life tell me, look, I have to confess, that I slept with the girl. I would feel devastated. I would cry, it would hurt me tremendously, and it would leave yet another open wound. And then I would pick myself back up, look at the situation, and make a decision. I would put up my defenses, slab on a band-aid and continue with life. The wound will heal because I know the whole story, and I can analyse the situation, I can plan my defence.

Had the situation been that I didnt know the whole story, if some of the story were being hidden from me, it would be like a spreading infection, healing through amputation.