Monday, April 03, 2006

Girls n Balls

Basketball with the girls. I finally got the girls to get off the bench and play. Believe me it's harder than you could ever imagine to get these girls to play basketball! Volleyball is fine, in fact everything is fine...only basketball isnt.

It was great. Basketball is a great place to meet people, especially guys. The girls always tell me that they wanna meet a particular person who plays b-ball, but since they aren't that into the sport, there's no way that they would ever have the chance to accidently purposely run into the person.

And then there's me. I play. I have always played. So they take the opportunity to watch me, of course the cute guys just so happen to be there and they just so happen to have checked them out, so it works out perfectly.

Thing is what if I'm not there? Then they have no good excuse. heh, so to solve all their problems, they just have to play for themselves. Though I'm sure that's not the reason that they joined me for ball that day. It is a good theory never the less. heh.
I said "hey, we're playing ball let's go" and they said "huh, waaan meh?" I said "yup" and that's how they were forced into basketball that evening.

We played with little kids, another girl, and three or four seasoned players - guys. It was pretty funny. Hopefully they had fun and they'd wanna do it again. It's not that hard a game once you get the hang of it. Girls won 5 out of 6 games. Heh! I think that was good for the girls confidence.

Anyways I dont tell them to do things all that often, well at least I dont make it seem like I tell them what to do. So when I actually do, it's an offer they cannot refuse.

Best part about basketball is having a drink afterwards. People talk about sports being a way to meet people. It's the going out for dinner/drink after basketball that makes the friends.

It's a completely cool, unintentioned gathering. Anyways you just had to be there.

Irony 101

Phew! I finally posted my hundreth post. It took me a week to figure out what to write. And I ended up posting what I wrote at the beginning of the week. heh. Now that I got that over with. I realised that there are so many opportunities that we overlook everyday of our lives. We often dont realise what we have missed because we were not aware that it was within our reach.

I was chatting with a friend just now and she was telling me about how she finally told the guy she liked how she felt about him. Thing is, she chose to tell him after he had found happiness in another. All along she figured that he didnt like her, that he wasnt interested in her. After all hadn't she given him all the clues? All the possible signs that she really liked him? Calling him all the time, calling him in the middle of the night, always asking whether he was free to see her, going to see him for no particualr reason, she must have given him a billion and one hints.

So she tells him that she'd liked him all along, and that although she wants to see him happy, she figured that she would never be able to do herself justice if she just never told him. He replies that he felt the same way, and asked her why she didn't tell him before. He says that he only looked at it in a different way, that he like her and he shouldnt like her because his close friend likes her. ( his close friend likes her too, but she's not really into his friend)

She realises that things would have been so different had he known. She wouldnt have had so many sleepless nights thinking about him, thinking about why he doesnt call, or why he never seems to want to talk to her. She would never have had to sigh a sigh of sadness and disappointment, every time his name was mentioned.

But alas, there's nothing that she could do. If he had really felt the same way about her, nothing would have hindered a relationship. Or are people really that loyal. would people give up something that they really wanted for friendship?

Would people give up friendship for love?

I know I would. Because if I ever find love. The real kind. I've give anything to have it, to keep it, and to cherish it. I do believe in love.

I believe that more often than not, it's an illusion. Perhaps I'll be lucky and find he real stuff. In the mean time, it's more illusions for me!



This is my 100th post! Wooohhoooo! It is the mark of my writing career!In other words I'm a failure hah. Only like six people come here, and that's coz I dont email them so it's their only source into my life.

One of them my cousin, who visits out of sheer force. If you dont read my blog, I'll hurt ya..ahhh...the world of threat and blackmail...other two and sometimes three are my three and only best friends in the whole entire world...heh. Mg,Ka,and La.

Other people might be Gy, Ta, Hm, Rn, Pk, and Lk. And that's being optimistic.heh.

I think I like it this way because practically everything in here means the world to me. And I want to share it with you.

Everything that I have learned, I have learned it from you. What more can I give but to give you my world.

This blog will always be here expressing my thoughts about you, whether you dare or daren't read, it'll be here.