Monday, December 24, 2012

Black Dog

The pace, so much depended on it, such conviction, such strength.
Calls resound, through the coldness. wooded world…wanting.
The distance is nearer, the padded steps are heard in their canter.
His chest burns.
Such hinder the path, is there no end.
Quickening, as they close……tired, hollow………….spent.
Their breaths upon me now, the snarls at the shoulder.
What can be done against so much sincerity.
To do against the intent, so wilful, so purposeful……destructive.
He drops his necessities, the warmth, the memories, can it, is it possible to push a last.
They upon him now, the whiteness of calcium rips at the flesh.
No more can he run, his legs failing him to the beasts for their devouring.
He yields

1 comment:

  1. Vein

    They show more than before.
    The twists, curving within....without.… aimlessly?
    Deforming the skin, the spirit, the soul.
    Each pulse noticed.
    Such a willing target.
    Only to appease the wanting……. to set them free.
    It beats to me.
    For an end.