Sunday, July 26, 2009

Excerpts Of A Daily Life

Can you imagine the sun, penetrating into the pink orange sky it creates, a harsh force of wind, pounding in the trees. The deer running with all it's might. Can you feel the explosion of rain onto your face, your mouth and your hair.

A smooth caress onto my skin. Clutched together in warmth a thick eagerness can be felt emerging. A heart so tender in the dawn, a body so light. There's nothing better than the exchange of an ever sacred passion before the day ahead.

A million kisses to the scent of a rose, the seduction of a warm breath, pleading for a slight caress. Araging flame searching for a calm. Intensity surges as want becomes need. If more was a cloud we'd pass thru to see our heavens. The high of our lives would be in the togetherness apart.

I wonder as I stare into the starless sky, filled with haze and gloom, that where you are, it's clear, and you can see wach and every little sparkle, counting the joys in your life. If there were a star, I'd wish upon a love to cherish. My one true love, for all the children in the world, and for me. I try to grasp the life flowing from the mending hole in my heart. To release my sheild, vulnerable, my fear is that my love is not enough, insufficient for those who need more than I can give.

In the coldest night, would you hold me in your arms and not let me go? We'd be as one in the light, swaying moments. For a second it'd be still, there'd be a oneness. A slow caress to sooth the aching soul. Longing for more...sensing a stinging desire.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Moonlit Verandah

The moon stared at me last night, it showed it's light upon my life. I looked up into it's face and I felt it. I felt it's rays from my heart. I felt that inspiration sprouting from my veins. I wanted to run into a great abyss and stare. I could almost feel it's warm embrace.

I dont know what to say.

How does one respond to a heart that touches the depth of the soul? It searches for an answer that cannot be found. It yearns for the missing caress. One that will never be reached. How tragic of life to finally find what it's always been longing for. After all this time. After so much that cannot be changed, that may not want to be changed. Are we destined to be without? Are we destined to watch our dreams pass by while our choices area lived?

Perhaps it's an illusion that fades with the color it brings. The ease of it's comfort just as the ease of it's pain.

What ever happened to the love that we made, the ones that we created? They are there to remind us of what we once held, together. How could it ever be that it floated away. Where did it go? Will we ever find it again?

Why is it that we cannot find the answer to our moving desires, the wind that twirls, the air that chokes when we sit alone, searching, telling the stories that abandons our fear.