Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Ignorance of Neglectance

The feeling of exhaustion is overwhelming.I'm afraid that smiling just isnt going to do.I am no longer myself, locked in an emotional envelope so thick, there's no air to breath.

There's a silence before the storm, perhaps there will be no storm, just silence.

Perhaps it doesnt matter. Sometimes if I'm quiet, my presence is goes unnoticed. A good thing? Not for I, who has everything, but has nothing that means anything to me.

Do I ask for much?
Is your time, too much?
Caress too costly?

I ask these questions of myself in the dark, as the sky stares a nodding compassion down on me and the wind seeps lightly through my window holding me into the night.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


It is in anguish as progression transpires,
To realise a comfort that does not take to reciprocate.
The exploitation of the misconstrued,
Has led to assume an ever disheartening disposition.

Such a melancholic dire, to have pocketed a love not appertained to one.
Bores a hollowness that cannot be contained.

What are the repercussions?

To you...to me...?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Run With Me

How can the ocean, without a leak, find empty?
I try to reason, yet reason I can't.
I shed a gallon of tears to wash away your sorrows, and mine
A gallon more to start refilling your sea again.

I wonder how many more moons will fade away,
Before you sail your ship again,
With me perhaps, in wind.

Sometimes in the damp of day,
It's suffocating just to look out over the shore.
For there's something there that cannot be reached.
To stretch and take a leap, and bound for joy.
It all looks just too far away.

Take my hand and if you must,
Deceive, betray, delude my mind
Camouflage the absence of a jubilent sky
With the joy of the blithely unconcerned.

Run with me.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Two years of developement, my project started of as a new born baby. I started work and started counting little rubber thingies by the hundreds of thousands, one by one.

Today, we achieved certification! What an exciting moment! I never thought the feeling would be so satisfying.

I cant believe that I could be responsible for a whole department, a whole process, being certified!

A month ago, my Manager called me in for a discussion. She asked me whether I would like to include my department, the baby, into the audit for certification while the other departments went through recertification.

She told me that the process that I had put in was running smoothly, and all I had to do was refine it and treat all the loose ends.

The auditor found "no deficiencies" in our department. Not even a little one. None at all!

Wow! It may sound rediculous whoever reading this, who have succeeded in many many projects. But this is a first for me. The first benchmark, my first achievement.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

What Motivates People To Do What They Do?

I was in the midst of a heated conversation about what it is that motivates people to do what they do. What makes people go on, continue, turn...What motivates people?

The answer is HOPE. Hope is the emotional feeling that things will be well. Wellness, is undefined, and subject to personal opinion.

Hope, isnt it a brilliant word, everyone, everything in this world is, because of hope. Because someone had hope, because we all have hope.

Do I have hope? Definitely.

Do you have hope, for all things in life? You should.