Friday, November 17, 2006

More Thoughts On A Friday Mornin'

I wonder where I'm going sometimes, people tell me that I am a lucky girl, that will succeed in whichever path I choose to follow. People always tell other people that. It's not like you're gonna tell someone that they're horrible and they're gonna fail, right. Naturally people will want to tell other people, I mean their friends, that they're going to succeed. It's something that everyone likes hearing, and it makes me wanna think twice about it.

Is there actually something that I have, that other people dont have, that makes this person think that I especially, am going to succeed above all the billions of other people out there?

There isnt, there isnt anything drastically eccentric about me that makes me stand out from the crowd. So I have come to the conclusion that when people say that they think that I, especially am going to succeed, I'm not going to believe that they know what they're talking about.

Not to say that I dont know that should I try at anything, and should I have that ambition, I will not succeed, I know that I will, I also know that anyone who tries, who gives it a go, will also succeed, in whatever it is.

So in the end, it's not that I'm different and special, I'm just a normal person. That's what those superstars say, "I'm just an ordinary person, I work very hard to get where I am".

Is that true? Like some singers, they just get lucky and become really really famous, did they work harder than all the other singers? Did they have more hours? More days than you and I?

I guess some people are just a little lore lucky than others. Or perhaps, that's just God's plan.