Friday, February 25, 2011


Finding the time to heal, to concentrate on the things you have missed in your time of trial and tribulation. As I move on to the next stage of my life, I feel so decisive, so... Grown up. ZT asked me the other day; are we adults yet?

It sure seems like it. It hurts like it is.

So I suppose she's right, we're grown up. Trying to find our niche in the world. What is that one thing that is going to make you happy. It's the eternal question. And being human, it's probably to find that one person in your life that will make you smile and think, YUP, this is the life.

It's the missing link. So many people today, strive to achieve something in their lives with work and money and travels. But in the end, sad to say, it is empty alone.

I can just hear the echos shouting "I told you so" ringing in my mind.

But it will happen. I know it will. And with sheer anticipation, my dreams will come true.

Love Always Prevails