Tuesday, January 18, 2011


There are so many things in life that are wrong, there are so many things in life that we know are wrong, and yet we get pulled into it, we try to make justifications for it, pretending that it isnt wrong, when it is.

If it is wrong, then it is wrong, and you are doing something wrong.

We all do wrong things, and the worst part is to pretend that it isnt wrong. There are times in our lives that we are going to continue to do wrong things, but in the end, when we reflect back, dont kid ourselves by saying that it wasnt wrong.

It is wrong and what was done was wrong. Wrong to me, wrong to you and wrong to the people you love. Was I wrong? Yes, I was. And so were you. You were wrong, you are wrong!

The best part about wrong things is that you always have a chance to make it right, but only if you can first identify that it was wrong.

I have this image of love, and life. I believe in love and I believe that two people should love each other and get married, and build a family.

I do not believe in building a family without a cemented vow and bond called marriage. I do not accept that people wrecklessly have sex and produce children and are not responisble for them and are not responsible to them. Responsible to your children means being responsible in a family relationship. Being responsible for your children means loving your wife!

People who make excuses about not able to be with the other parent but who have shared a love that has resulted in Children. This is irresponsible.

I cannot and do not accept this.

If you are pregnant, you get married, if you have children, and continue to have children, get married, I do not see how one can have such a relationship. Lying and cheating, making children here and there, not getting married, not vowing your life to another person, much less your children.

I cannot accept this.

I feel sorry for the children of the world who have to endure parents who cannot even pledge their love to each other yet can say that they love their children.

I feel hatred to men who can watch their women go thru childbirth yet have the indencency to go out and sleep with another woman, to lie and cheat, while their woman are nursing the children they say they love.

And I feel hatred for women who allow for this to happen. It is wrong. I accept that it is wrong. Lying and cheating are wrong. It is wrong for another woman to accept a man that cannot accept his responsibilities.

It has no justification, it makes no sense.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

The beauty of a woman is in her smiles and laughter which melts your heart and rings in your ears even when she is not there. Perceive physical beauty is only skin deep and many times not enhance by smile. As age advances physical beauty fades and inner beauty if present shines forth.....
The beauty of a woman is in her care, her warm embrace, her unflinching love which will hold you in a way that no steel cage can.....