Friday, March 05, 2010

Of All

And there was a time when I thought I couldnt go on. When I thought that there was nothing more to life than what I saw in you. But now I can see, that there is so much more, that you would never be able to reach, that I had to reach before you, to find ahead of you, my dreams, my hopes, my love.

And there was a place that I saw myself, and when I looked around, I didnt see you. There is a place, that holds my dreams, and does not hold you.

There is a feeling, that I feel in the depths of my heart, that once lost in armored shields apears in the light of my days.

Now I peer into the future and a realisation in my mind developes into a cryptic beauty I never thought would consume me in this way.

Nothing, I find, will ever be enough.