Sunday, February 08, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

It's good to have my legs back, although I still cant really run. I actually havent tried to run, I'm just trying to take it easy. Saturday I went with the guys to the beach, at first we went to the dock to do some fishing, it was really really boring, I was really tired too but you cant just not go. It's a team thing. Anyways after that, everyone went to the beach, set fire to an uprooted tree, it was really nice, there was a nice sea breeze, got to hang out the the boys, got to see them do boy things.

They caught a shark! It was a small one, maybe a yard, it was awesome. Then they whacked it around a little, whacked peoples butts with it, boys will be boys ya know. It was very funny.

Sometimes it's really boring to sit there and talk boy stuff, they talk about sports that I'm not really into, cars that I'm not really into, you know, stuff like that which makes it hard. It's hard for me to just listen all the time.

Maybe I'm just a real bitch...:P