Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Choice For Nothing More

In the days of reflection, when the path for us is drawn by all that is around us. We take on the things in our lives with such power, with such force. We fall into an aura with the confidence to conquor the world.

The byproduct washes over the edge, and find that there has been an earth shattering realisation. A realisation that what was there is not enough, that you need to kick and scream and fight because you are ready. You have found that it is time for you to leap into the air an fly.

The comfort of the nest that was built for you, with pieces of you, is no longer enough. Your world has brightened, and now you can see, that there is so much more out there. So much more than you have ever had, you see that there is so much more that you could have - And you want it.

And so as the giver, shall shrink away into the nothingness it all stemed from. To be a lost part of all the lives.

The inspiration, the love, the hope and wisdom, are gone.

There is but a shell left to decompose.

It has always been true that if there are no choices to choose, then the choice was not chosen. There has been a belief that one should see the world, and see it's brilliance, see it's beauty and magic, and if after the diamonds have sparkled in your eyes, the sweetness has swirled your tongue, you come back to find that the one right here in front of you, shines just as bright, tastes just as sweet, then you have made a choice, you have chosen.

And what more, you hold the honor to want for nothing else.

Monday, August 23, 2010


"You are strong, sometimes we just need someone to remind us." BT