Friday, December 05, 2008


They plaster casted me today. A full cast. They took off my back slab, and first thing I said was, may I please please give it a good wash before you even come near. It was really gross, and that was only for a week.

This plaster cast will also only stay on for about a week so that the swelling can go down, and then a fibre glass cast will be put in for another few weeks.

It doesnt hurt that much, sometimes it just feels like it's going to explode, especially when it goes from it's elevated position into my standing position. The blood just rushes to the fracture, or whereever and hurts like mad.

Horrible throbbing in the mornings, and yeah, my foot too.

Anyways it's all good. I'm back at work, and we'll see what happens after that.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Broken Ankle

Yup! I'm broken. Went skateboarding on the 27th November 2008. Obviously fell. My ankle went 90 degrees the wrong way. But it felt like just another basketball injury, you know must have twisted it or something. Besides I walked all the way back to the ute.

Anyways spent the night, with Panadol, ice and elevated foot. And the next morning, throbbing, but with panadol and a subsequent 10 mins, all is good. I went into the hospital just to make sure that that it wasnt broken.

I asked the doctor and nurse on duty and asked whether they thought it was broken and the answer was na, shouldnt be broken coz if it were, it would be unbearable pain, so much so that you wouldnt be able to walk on it.

But X-rays were done and lo and behold! Fracture!~

And so I asked the doctor, what is the difference between fracture and broken? He says "nothing" fracture is a scientific word for broken. Anyways 6-8 weeks of cast and crutches for me. I cant wait.

I've always wanted a cast, since I was a little kid. It always feels so special and people will sign it and you can sit and read it all day. Lovely.

Went to the refinery's first aid and Dr. Joe says that it's fine to go back into the refinery, just that I have to do a risk assessment.

And so me being me, I had to ask him, what is the difference between fracture and broken? He cracked up laughing and said "nothing". "I've been trying to argue that with people for 30 years. But there is no difference between fracture and broken of a bone. There's single fracture, and multiple fracture and fracture with displacement and fracture without displacement, but there is no difference between fracture and broken.

But he did tell me that what people in the non-scientific world percieve to be a fracture is that there is a crack in the bone that doesnt go all the way through to produce "two bits". And broken means it has become two bits. That's hilarious!

Anyways verdict is still to come on whether I will be sent home or not.